Nutty Galore; Raw Cacao Pistachio Cake with Hazelnut Butter

Raw cakes are easily my favourite treat to make. It’s so convenient to through a mix of ingredients into a blender and just pop it into the freezer. Perfect if you’re preparing for a dinner with friends and need to pop out quickly without worrying that you’ll return to find your house is now just a pile of ashes. (more…)

Food shots from the Morning Glory website. Our dishes somehow disappeared before the cameras managed to come out.

Morning Glory, Hoi An, Vietnam

Maybe it’s my stomach speaking but what else is more central to a culture than its’ food? The ingredients, the cooking techniques, the presentation; all of the components are lessons in the history of the nation that you’re visiting.



Body Control Pilates Teacher Training: The Final Part

While originally planning to have finished my teacher certification before going travelling, I’ve realised that life rarely takes any care to what you’ve planned and instead goes according to its own pace. Therefore when I returned to London it felt a bit odd starting up again as some of the confidence of┬ábefore had completely vanished, yet I had a log book of nearly 40 hours.

However, all good things in due time. (more…)


Oahu, Hawaii Round Two; Living that Aloha Spirit

Something’s come over me since February. It’s like a permanent fever for warmer weather and I keep on having visions of lusciously green mountains and amethyst blue waters.

Hawaii you won my heart after just a week. I knew had to see you again. (more…)

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Hazards of backpacking: Sore throats, head aches and typhus


For those of you who do not follow my instagram account you may have been thinking “Hmm I wonder what happened to that Cherished Nomad? Did she get trapped in one of the temples in Cambodia or has she spent the past two months in some remote place without internet?” Alas fear not, there’s a two step solution that will clear away the worried thoughts that have kept you up at night:

1. The following blog post

2. Follow @cherishednomad

Utterly shameless plug, I know.



Siem Reap, Cambodia

Prior to arriving in Cambodia we’d read a lot about the bus companies that operate in the country. Or consistently warned about them is perhaps more appropriate. Google most names and you’ll get rows upon rows of results with titles like “WARNING! Do NOT use this company!!!!” Try searching for Virak Buntham if you want to see for yourself.