Gili Trawangan, Lombok/Bali


As we arrived at Gili Trawangan I wasn’t sure of what to expect. My expectations before going to Bali was that this was a quiet little paradise island where the locals were either fishers or laid back surfers with a minimal party scene that came to life every now and then.
However, reports from a group of guys my friends had got to know in Kuta said that it was a party island with magic mushrooms and drugs easily available at every bar. A quick google search later suggested that Gili was reminiscent of Ibiza in it’s early days. This was so far removed from our expectations and the yogi calm of Ubud. (more…)


The perks and drawbacks of being a third culture kid

In the past three weeks I’ve been to three different time zones. I’ve travelled 86 hours on a plane for a distance of 62, 614km since last November.

It’s a wonder my internal body clock hasn’t gone completely cuckoo, and I barely dare checking my carbon footprint.

Welcome to the life of a Third Culture Kid (TCK), defined as “anybody who grows up under the influence of more than one culture” by urbandictionary. (more…)


Hawaii I think I love you – a Wanderlust summary

Wanderlust has now come and gone and I have nothing but positive and happy memories of it. It was an incredible experience and I’m very thankful to everyone who made it as fantastic as it was and encourage anyone remotely considering of going to book their tickets ASAP.

The beautiful Turtle Bay Resort

The beautiful Turtle Bay Resort


Wanderlust Festival Oahu 2014

The music blaring from the speakers on the green is reverberating between the walls of Turtle Bay Resort in Oahu, Hawaii. However there are no gyrating bodies manically jumping along to the beat and there’s still another two hours to go until sunset.

Instead men and women (all geared in Lululemon, the festival’s founder) are being being taken through their chaturangas, downward facing dogs and warrior poses. Welcome to Wanderlust, a festival with no comparison.

In case you were wondering whether you should really be here or not

Lululemon has helpfully provided a chart on their blog for all those who are thinking of attending the event


Body Control Pilates Teacher Course: 20+ Supervised Teaching Hours

Another milestone reached in my Pilates teacher training. On Tuesday this week I passed twenty hours of supervised teaching! Most importantly they’ve passed with no injuries or lawsuits yet. Cheers to that!


Me with my supervising teacher Paul Howse of Pilates in Surrey


Why I’m not too fussed about being single this Valentine’s Day

The first two months of a new year can be a nightmare for women everywhere. While we may relish the first couple of days of January, bringing about a fresh start and promises of this being the year that you drop 5 lbs, stop wasting time and finally learning how to make your own almond milk, it can quickly turn sour as time constraints and other life downers catch up with you. Then February comes around, adding insult to injury by reminding single ladies everywhere they are, quite frankly, alone.

This was exactly how I felt when the first of the Valentine’s Day promotions began dropping in through my letterbox. Leafing through a Tiffany catalogue (addressed obviously to my mother, not me. I’m not only single, I’m also unemployed) I felt how the self pity started creeping up. A couple of days later a Valentine’s Day menu at a restaurant was enough of a reminder to make me buy a 200 piece chocolate box and spend the rest of my days in sweat pants.