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Hazards of backpacking: Sore throats, head aches and typhus


For those of you who do not follow my instagram account you may have been thinking “Hmm I wonder what happened to that Cherished Nomad? Did she get trapped in one of the temples in Cambodia or has she spent the past two months in some remote place without internet?” Alas fear not, there’s a two step solution that will clear away the worried thoughts that have kept you up at night:

1. The following blog post

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Utterly shameless plug, I know.



Siem Reap, Cambodia

Prior to arriving in Cambodia we’d read a lot about the bus companies that operate in the country. Or consistently warned about them is perhaps more appropriate. Google most names and you’ll get rows upon rows of results with titles like “WARNING! Do NOT use this company!!!!” Try searching for Virak Buntham if you want to see for yourself.



Phnom Penh, Cambodia


When we decided on countries to visit for this trip Cambodia was the probably the one I was most excited for. I’m not fully sure why. Maybe it was because I’d heard that the locals were some of the sweetest and kindest people you’d ever meet. Or maybe it was because it’s still quite an uncharted country when it comes to tourism, although it is becoming more prevalent.
Or maybe it’s because Angelina Jolie fell in love with the country when filming Tomb Raider and even adopted her first child here.

I’m not sure.

Gili Trawangan, Lombok/Bali


As we arrived at Gili Trawangan I wasn’t sure of what to expect. My expectations before going to Bali was that this was a quiet little paradise island where the locals were either fishers or laid back surfers with a minimal party scene that came to life every now and then.
However, reports from a group of guys my friends had got to know in Kuta said that it was a party island with magic mushrooms and drugs easily available at every bar. A quick google search later suggested that Gili was reminiscent of Ibiza in it’s early days. This was so far removed from our expectations and the yogi calm of Ubud. (more…)